Thea Thealoz Duo Eye Drops, 10 ml

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Thealoz® Duo is the best of both worlds…Hyabak to hydrate and lubricate and Thealoz to hydrate and protect all in the easy to use ABAK® bottle. The natural combination for optimal PROTECTION, HYDRATION and LUBRICATION. Preservative & phosphate free Can be used as often as required Safe to use with contact lens Economical – contains 300 drops and can be used for up to 3 months from opening Hypotonic formulation to restore the natural balance of the tears Hyaluronic Acid provides long-lasting lubrication and hydration Trehalose protects epithelial cells from dryness and high tear film osmalarity Easy to squeeze bottle with no wastage – can be used until the very last drop Thealoz® Duo and the ABAK® system Thealoz® Duo is a preservative-free, phosphate-free and hypotonic solution making it suitable for all Dry Eye patients including those that wear contact lenses. It is presented in the ABAK® system providing up to 12 weeks of treatment in a multiuse bottle.
Thealoz Duo, a preservative free dry eye drop, which uses two active ingredients to offer better lubrication and longer relief from symptoms.
The two agents which combine to provide the benefits for Thealoz Duo are Trehalose (3%) and Hyaluronic acid (0.15%).
Thealoz Duo is ideal for dry eye from a range of causes such as air conditioning, dry environments, working with computers, hormonal Dry Eye and wearing contact lenses.
10ml thealoz duo

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boots dry eye dropsboots dry eye drops
boots dry eye dropsboots dry eye drops
boots dry eye dropsboots dry eye drops
boots dry eye dropsboots dry eye drops
boots dry eye dropsboots dry eye drops
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